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Hello, and thank you for taking Refine Editing into consideration in your search for an editor.

An editorial relationship is one of trust. Here at Refine Editing, when we work on your manuscript, we truly care for your work as much as you do. We take great pride in our work and in helping our writers thrive and rise to the next level. 

I founded Refine Editing based on my ideals as an editor, which are that quality comes above all, passion is a necessary ingredient, and fostering real partnerships with writers is essential for any work to succeed. At Refine Editing, we will be with you every step of the way as we refine your work into its best possible self.

So let us show you what we can build together and just how much we live up to our name. 

We hope to hear from you soon, 
Katrina Diaz Arnold
Owner & Lead Editor


Katrina Diaz Arnold is an editor and writer with more than seven years of professional publishing experience.

Previously part of the editorial department at Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, where she worked with numerous New York Times bestselling authors, Katrina is an experienced developmental editor and line editor. She's been a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association for over five years, and has worked extensively with both traditionally published and self-published authors during that time.

Katrina has a soft spot for brave new worlds, fresh plot twists, and strong, complex protagonists. She is wholly devoted to any project she takes on and committed to helping manuscripts reach their highest potential. 

Passionate about words her entire life, Katrina has a bachelors degree in English and Creative Writing from Northwestern University and a masters degree in Shakespeare from University College London. 

Katrina's genres: 

  • Fiction: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Thriller/Suspense, Mystery, Dystopian/Post-apocalyptic Fiction, Women's Fiction, and Young Adult
  • Nonfiction: select Memoir
Kelsey Whitsett.jpg

Kelsey Whitsett worked at New York City publishing houses for over six years, most recently Scribner, where she assisted the highest level editors and acquired her own titles. After leaving the industry because of a move to Connecticut, she has continued to work one on one with authors, both traditional and self-published, to develop their work. Her personal interests are varied, but she is particularly fond of well-crafted thrillers, beautifully told narrative, insightful memoir, and long-form journalism. 

Kelsey has extensive experience with both line and developmental editing—she is passionate about helping authors present the best possible version of their book to potential agents and readers. She graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont. 

Kelsey's genres:

  • Fiction: Literary Fiction, Commercial Fiction, Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Thriller/Suspense, and select Young Adult
  • Nonfiction: Narrative Nonfiction and Memoir
kirsten salyer.jpg

Kirsten Salyer is an editor and writer. She graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University with a double major in journalism and international studies and a minor in business. She was previously the Deputy Ideas Editor at TIME Magazine and the Engagement Editor at Bloomberg Opinion.

An experienced editor and avid reader, Kirsten brings dedication and energy to all her projects and makes the most of every opportunity to dive into new, engaging narratives filled with complex, relatable characters. She loves partnering with authors on their journeys to bring their visions to life and make their manuscripts the best they can be. 

Kirsten's genres: 

  • Fiction: Literary Fiction, Commercial Fiction, Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, and Science Fiction
  • Nonfiction: Memoir, Current Events, Popular Psychology/Sociology, History, and Politics
Jaime Brockway.jpg

Jaime Brockway is an editor and writer with seven years’ experience in professional publishing. She is an expert copy editor and proofreader who scours content for technical errors at the sentence level while striving to maintain authors’ voice.

Most recently, Jaime spent two and a half years at Time Out North America as National Copy Chief, leading a department in copyediting one weekly and seven quarterly magazines on a strict deadline.

Working with authors through her freelance projects, Jaime came to realize how unmatched they are in their passion for their work, and she loves being a part of the process that brings their narratives to life.

Jaime has a bachelor’s degree in English (with a concentration in creative writing) and Sociology from Goucher College in Baltimore.

Jaime's genres:

  • Fiction: Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Young Adult, and Fantasy
  • Nonfiction: Narrative Nonfiction

Molly Muldoon.jpg

Molly Muldoon is a freelance editor and writer currently based in Portland, Oregon. She’s worked as a bookseller specializing in YA at Community Bookstore in Brooklyn and has done internships with Random House and HarperCollins.

She has two graphic novels coming out in Spring 2018: Dead Weight, a YA comedy murder mystery from Oni Press, co-written with Terry Blas and the artist Matt Seely, and The Cardboard Kingdom, a middle grade graphic novel from Knopf, an anthology written with ten others and the artist Chad Sell.

Molly's genres:

  • Fiction: Young Adult, Comic/Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Romance
  • Nonfiction: True Crime and History