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Manuscripts are our speciality at Refine Editing. We love nothing more than helping a writer bring his or her story to life. So whether you're writing a memoir, fantasy adventure, or historical romance, you've come to the right place.

Refine Editing offers a variety of manuscript editing services for both fiction and nonfiction works, all of which can be combined or customized according to your manuscript's needs. We are deeply passionate about each and every one of our projects and guarantee that we'll find the editing expertise that suits you best. 

Our full-service editorial firm offers manuscript assessments, line editing, comprehensive editing, copyediting, and proofreading services for manuscripts. We also provide content editing and copyediting for query letters, cover copy, and book descriptions, and we offer consultations on both the traditional publishing process and the self-publication process. Furthermore, we partner with a marketing firm to connect authors to professionals that can aid them in their self-publication campaigns. All in all, we pride ourselves in preparing and polishing manuscripts for publication by guiding them through every stage of the process.

Explore more details about our manuscript editing services below or reach out to us for an initial consultation now. Either way, we look forward to diving into your manuscript!




Manuscript Editing Services: In Detail

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Manuscript assessment

A manuscript assessment is usually the first step in the editorial process. It is a ten-to-fifteen page report that covers overall editorial thoughts, concerns, and issues within your manuscript. Providing a rich, in-depth analysis of your work, an assessment makes suggestions for how to restructure or revise in order to resolve any large-scale issues. It is best for early drafts, manuscripts that could benefit from large-scale reworking, or authors who would like an overview on where their work currently stands.

Assessments best address issues related to:  

  • structure;
  • clarity;
  • character development;
  • plot arc and development;
  • point of view;
  • believability of plot; and
  • problematic patterns of language or writing style.

Book proposal evaluation

This service assesses your nonfiction book proposal and determines its strengths and weaknesses. We keep in mind your target market, current audience, and comparison titles, and suggest ways to resolve any issues that may be affecting your proposal's clarity and presentation. Book proposal evaluations can also be customized to include a full line edit of the proposal and any attached the sample chapters.

Book proposal evaluations best address issues related to: 

  • clarity;
  • structure;
  • flow;
  • hook;
  • tone and style;
  • marketing pitch;
  • comparison titles; and
  • establishing authority or expertise.

Line editing

A line edit (also known as substantive editing or content editing) focuses on refining your manuscript by diving directly into the text to make suggestions for revision. Margin commentary further helps with flagging areas of concern, plot holes, scenes that might need tweaking, and so on, while a one-to-two-page cover memo highlights key editorial thoughts on the manuscript. Line edits usually occur after an editorial assessment or on a revised manuscript that has already been through some revision.

Line edits best address issues related to:

  • narrative voice;
  • pacing;
  • tone;
  • style;
  • dialogue;
  • front-running or foreshadowing;
  • plot holes; 
  • confusing passages;
  • scenes that need tightening or restructuring;
  • areas that need trim or rewrite suggestions; and
  • the resolution of outstanding developmental issues regarding character and plot.

Comprehensive editing

A comprehensive edit is a term that refers to a mixture of an editorial assessment and line edit as both happen simultaneously in a comprehensive edit. For writers whose plot line and story arc are more stabilized or set, this is a great option to have feedback on the manuscript as a whole, while still receiving a line edit. A comprehensive edit only suits manuscripts that do not need any large-scale restructuring. 

Our comprehensive editing service includes the following: a seven-plus page memo covering overall editorial thoughts (character development, plot, pacing, structure, clarity, language, writing style, and so on), margin commentary that addresses specifics on a scene-by-scene basis (smaller plot inconsistencies, minor character issues, dialogue, overused language, etc.), trim/rewrite suggestions for larger pieces of text, and line edits to refine and clarify writing. 

A comprehensive edit best suits writers who:

  • have a previously edited manuscript that does not need large-scale restructuring; 
  • have more significant line level concerns but still want developmental feedback; and
  • need a quicker turnaround on their work.


Copyediting occurs after a manuscript has been through a line edit and revision. It is a process in which another pass is completed, but the edits do not alter the content of the work; instead they focus only on the sentence-by-sentence line level. Our copyediting service focuses on clarifying language, correcting any errors in grammar and punctuation, and ensuring the continuity of plot, character details, and setting.

Copyedits best address issues related to:

  • spelling;
  • grammar;
  • punctuation;
  • word choice;
  • transitions;
  • passive voice;
  • verb tense;
  • repetitive word usage;
  • inappropriate figures of speech;
  • awkward/clunky sentences; and
  • ambiguity.


Proofreading is the last pass before the final manuscript is complete. The main purpose of proofreading is to detect any remaining errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar. It can also involve checking for consistency of layout, and any last flags about any confusing language or plot details. Proofreading adds polish to your manuscript and is invaluable for self-publishing authors, as well as any writer looking to go through their work with a fine-tooth comb. 

Proofing best suits writers who:

  • have a near-final manuscript and are looking for a final clean; and
  • had many revisions in the copyedit and need another pass to polish up the work.

Query letter editing

We offer content and copyediting services for authors desiring a professional opinion on their query letter as they prepare for the agency submission process. This involves a full read and line edit of the query letter, recommendations for improvement, and suggestions of comparative titles, if needed. A proofread of the excerpt material can also be added to this package.


Jacket copy/book description editing

We offer content and copyediting services for book descriptions, jacket copy, or back cover blurb copy. This involves a full line edit and proofread with an eye towards genre convention, audience, and marketing. 


Marketing Partnership: Babble Agency


Here at Refine Editing, we want to help our authors and their works thrive in every way we can. Through our work with our self-publishing authors, we identified a need for marketing services and so have formed a relationship with Babble Agency. 

About Babble Agency

Babble Agency, LLC is a consulting agency which assists growing consumer brands with their marketing, branding, social media, & communication needs.

Babble Agency helps identify a brand's voice and then submerges themselves in it to streamline all marketing communications. They make sure to cut through the Babble, and let anyone who is exposed to your brand hear its story.


If you'd like more information about this service, send us a message by clicking on the button below. 

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